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Arabian Nights

by Adam Forde

Story Pocket Theatre Company

Salisbury Playhouse

Salisbury Playhouse, Salisbury
22nd December 2016

Relighter & Company Stage Manager

David Doyle

Directed by

Adam Forde & Julia Black


Alison Beattie

Lighting Design

Sarah Sage

Meet Sheherazade, the greatest storyteller of them all. She has a feast of adventures and fantasies to tell involving genies, villains, heroes and princesses. But she must keep her husband the king entertained with her stories to save her own life and the lives of all the maidens of the land. Will Ali Baba's encounter with the 40 thieves do the trick? Can the story of Aladdin and his lamp help her live to tell more tales such as the Little Beggar or the Fisherman and the Genie? Find out in Story Pocket Theatre's brand new version of Arabian Nights, a show full of adventure and magic and wonder!

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