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David offers a host of workshops across a range of disciplines. All workshops can be catered for either large and small groups and a variety of ages and abilities.


Introduction to Stage Design

A workshop to introduce participants to some of the key concepts in stage design including set, lighting, and projection. Utilising his experience as a designer working as a designer working on award-winning shows David will guide participants on his process from concept to full production giving participants the tools needed to add a new dimension to their own designs or to equip them with the foundations to begin pursuing design for the stage.



Producing 101

An introductory workshop to producing covering some of the basic aspects of one of the most vital jobs in theatre. Covering taking a show from page to stage, the workshop will cover all the most important aspects of producing including finances, marketing, media, and putting together your team. Perfect for those starting out in producing, and for those looking to produce their own work.



Introduction to Lighting Design

The perfect place to start for an introduction to the world of lighting design from a multi-award winning lighting designer. This workshop covers the basics of lighting for the theatre to give a working knowledge to those with no experience of lighting design. Are you a producer or director who wants to be able to communicate more effectively with your creative team, someone looking to start out as a lighting designer, or just curious about how it all happens? This is the workshop for you.



Edinburgh Fringe - A Guide

Having worked on many Edinburgh Fringe productions, David's workshop on taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival covers everything you need to know to make your Edinburgh Fringe experience a successful one. Having won multiple awards at the festival, secured lasting futures for productions, and made important connections, this is an essential guide for those planning on taking a show to the largest arts festival in the world.



Projection in Theatre

More and more productions are looking to use projection. An experienced AV designer, David will show how to make the most of projection in theatre design. The workshop will cover how to use Qlab and Isadora, two of the most commonly used programmes for projection design in the theatre.


Bespoke Workshops

David also offers bespoke workshops on a variety of topics including advanced lighting, producing, and other aspects of theatre to fit the needs of your group.

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