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by Eva O'Connor

Sunday's Child

Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Photo by Jassy Earl

Summerhall, Edinburgh

27th-29th March 2013

Edinburgh Fringe - C Nova
31st July - 26th August 2013

Lighting and Set Designer

David Doyle


Eva O'Connor


Sophie Fuller


Elspeth McKeever

In a small town centre flat, three young people run a thriving illegal drugs business whilst all the time looking for a meaning and substance in their own lives. These young people rely on drugs, both for financial income and for recreational enjoyment. They live for the high of the weekend and rarely stop to think about the implications of what they do, who they might be or how it all might end. Will the introduction of a new work colleague threaten the dynamic of this tightly knitted group of former lovers and best friends? Will this sandwich maker, this door holder and general arm-candy for the group's self-appointed leader motivate deeply held longings? Will the hidden loves, desires and ambitions find a way though the hazed grind of daily work? Substance explores the dangers of these intense, dependent friendships and the human search for connection in an everyday life.

"Subtle, Lovely Lighting Design"
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