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by Lyle Kesller

Alchemy 8 & Breaking Good Productions

The New Theatre

The New Theatre, Dublin
16th-28th February 2015

Lighting and Sound Designer

David Doyle


Geraldine McAlinden

Executive Producer

Lisa McNamee

Set Design

Bosco Dillon

The play that counts Tom Waits and Lou Reed amongst its biggest fans, Orphans is the tale of two nearly feral brothers and the mysterious businessman they kidnap. Orphans has been described as being theatre for the senses and emotions. It is a play full of humour and pathos, in which each of the characters is searching for human connection and their place in the world. The play premiered in 1983 at The Matrix Theatre Company in Los Angeles, where it received critical and commercial success and won the prestigious Drama-Logue Award.

"The lighting, especially the small street light idea outside the window of the house, gives the impression of everything closing in at times, adding to the claustrophobic atmosphere, while the effect of the flickering TV is spot on from lighting designer David Doyle"
Red Curtain Review
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