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Kiss Me And You Will See How Important I Am

by Eva O'Connor

Sunday's Child

Edinburgh Fringe 2012

Pleasance Theatre 2012

Project Arts Centre 2013

Photo by Jassy Earl

Edinburgh Fringe - C Aquila
2nd - 27th August 2012
Pleasance Theatre, London
27th - 29th September 2012
Project Arts Centre, Dublin
4th - 8th June 2013

Lighting and Set Designer

David Doyle


Eva O'Connor


Sophie Fuller


Elspeth McKeever

A dark and visceral exploration into the minds of four young people, each battling their own demons.

Alex suffers from depression and is still reeling from a recent breakup, James has anger management problems and is confused about his sexuality, Christopher struggles to prove he is socially capable despite his autism, and Cleo is desperate for some limelight, tired of always picking up the pieces from conflicts those around her create.

Alex invites her three friends and the audience into her home in an ill-advised attempt at reconciliation, but as the evening progresses things spiral out of control and all are forced to face the brutal reality of their situations.

Fringe Review
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