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In Arabia We'd All Be Kings

by Stephen Adly Guirgis

Some Yank's Theatre Company

Dublin 2015

Players Theatre
29th June - 11th July 2015


David Doyle

Set Design

Sarah Foley


Liam Hallahan

Lighting Designer

Ciaran Gallagher

Beauty meets brutality in the Irish premiere of In Arabia We’d All Be Kings by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis presented by Some Yank's Theatre Company.

Amidst the newly cleaned up Times Square, an eccentric group gather at a bar. Out of work and strapped for cash, they drink, they dream, and they try to survive in a world hurtling towards the new millennium while leaving them and their hopes behind in the process.


The show doubled the company's sales compared to their last production and was met with critical acclaim.

"Consistently impressive, confirming the dramatic intelligence, freshness and professionalism which Some Yanks, as a relatively young theatre company, is capable of bringing to the Irish scene."
Pure M
"A moving, gritty and tragically funny piece of theatre. The team involved in creating this production need not venture to Arabia because for the two hours or so that their work occupies the stage, they are most definitely Kings"
Sitting on the Fourth Wall
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