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Eden Gate

Devised by Company

Produced Moon

Edinburgh Fringe 2014

C Nova - Edinburgh Fringe
30th July - 25th August 2014

Set and AV Designer

David Doyle


Harriet Bolwell 


Leonie Rae Gasson


Melanie Phillips

Edinburgh, 2017. The city has been brought to a sudden standstill by the outbreak of a deadly virus. The disease has since claimed millions of lives. At GTNV, we have been working tirelessly to bring you Eden Gate, a sanctuary where we are working with survivors to rebuild civilisation. Offering shelter and a new beginning to anyone who can find their way to Eden Gate, GTNV need your help. Produced Moon follow their sell-out 2013 show, The Hawke Papers, with another thrilling immersive experience. A young company pushing the boundaries of theatre. Come and play...


Produced Moon’s second production, Eden Gate, completed a sell-out run at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Set in 2017, the audience were transported to a post-apocalyptic future, in which the world has been ravaged by a deadly virus. Audiences were brought into ‘Eden Gate’, a sanctuary set up to help protect humanity and develop a cure. However, it soon became clear that motives were not as pure as originally thought, and the audience were challenged to decide who to side with, and ultimately what kind of society they wanted to live in.


Eden Gate was extremely well received, receiving 4 star reviews, and was described as ‘fascinating, compelling and thought-provoking drama which is achieved through clever, playful and collaborative experiences’. Eden Gate was a Fringe Review Recommended show, was shortlisted for the NSDF Emerging Artist Award 2014 and was longlisted for the Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award.

"This is truly interactive theatre"
Broadway Baby
"Compelling and thought-provoking"
All Edinburgh Theatre
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