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Anna Bella Eema

Atticist in association with Arcola Theatre & Ellie Keel Productions

Arcola Theatre 2019

Photo: Tim Kelly

Arcola Theatre
11th September - 12th October 2019

Written by

Lisa D'Amour

Lighting Design by

David Doyle

Directed by

Jessica Lazar

Movement Direction by

Jennifer Fletcher

Produced by

Tom Ford & Ellie Keel

Music Direction by

Tom Foskett-Barnes

Designed by

Anna Lewis

Award-winning US playwright and Pulitzer Prize finalist Lisa D'Amour (Detroit, National Theatre) conjures a twisted famle about courage, resistance, and change.

Precocious preteen Annabella lives in a deserted trailer park. Schooled by her eccentric mother Irene, she learns to co-exist with the vampires, werewolves, and monsters which lurk in the world outside. Desperate to ward off the new highway which threatens the demolition of their home, Annabella steps outside to build a girl out of mud. The girl comes to life. The girl is Anna Bella Eema.

Part ghost story, part fairytale, part coming-of-age fantasy, ANNA BELLA EEMA is a dazzling burst of storytelling from the dark heart of American Gothic.

Lisa D'Amour's wildly inventive, spoken-and-sun odyssey makes its UK premiere here in a never-before-seen new and updated version.

"Lazar creates a magical atmosphere with David Doyle's lighting"
British theatre Guide
Theatre News
"A must-see show"
Fairy Powered Productions
"Simply Stunning"
At The Theatre
"A heartfelt and compassionate response to a rapidly changing world"
A Younger Theatre
The Guardian
"Magnificently Polished"
The Spy in the Stalls
"Strikingly Beautiful"
The Stage
"A Joy"
Camden New Journal
"Inventive and organic, blurring the lines between the supernatural and the everyday."
Upper Circle
"Skillfully Crafted"
Hackney Gazette
"Strange but spellbinding"
Ought To Be Clowns
"Beautifully Staged"
Theatre Weekly
"Fantastical and surreal"
The Artscape
"Lazar’s production has an uncanny, almost alarming clarity to it"
Exeunt Magazine
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